2021 in Review: Aluminum, aluminum price stories of the year on MetalMiner

As we continue our review of MetalMiner coverage in 2021, today we’ll take a look back at the top aluminum and aluminum price stories of the year.
Previously, we reviewed the top carbon steel stories of the year.

aluminum ingot stacked for export
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Like other metals, aluminum prices enjoyed a bullish run over the past year. The LME three-month price peaked in late October 2021 at $3,200 per metric ton.
Since then, prices have cooled, falling to nearly $2,500 per metric ton before ticking back up and stabilizing throughout November and December.
With that, let’s take a look back at the most-viewed MetalMiner aluminum stories of the year.
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Most-viewed aluminum stories of the year on MetalMiner

  1. Aluminum prices collapse 20% in just two weeks — so what’s next?
  2. A year later: Chatting with Josh Gilbert of Temperance Beer Co. on the aluminum can shortage, COVID-19 impacts

  3. European aluminum market under duress

  4. Aluminum MMI: Rising aluminum prices concern Beijing

  5. Aluminum MMI: Is a consolidation period ahead for aluminum prices?

  6. Aluminum MMI: Aluminum prices remain historically high

  7. Aluminum inventories dwindle toward zero

  8. Aluminum Midwest Premium hits record high

  9. Aluminum MMI: Following all-time high, aluminum prices plummet

  10. Aluminum MMI: Aluminum remains high but stays below all-time high

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