Global Precious Metals MMI: Upward Price Action for Gold Finally Loses Steam


The Global Precious Metals MMI (Monthly Metals Index) slowed its upward price action and moved sideways from April to May. All in all, the index only rose by 2.38%. Among precious metal prices, gold remains at historically high levels, while silver and palladium prices trended more sideways month-over-month.

Precious metal prices and index from April to May of 2024.

Precious Metal Prices: Gold

Gold prices rallied to new highs in Q1 2024. However, more recent price action drove gold prices into a sideways range after a swing low formed near $2277/oz. Gold prices need to break above their current swing high of just under $2400 to continue their uptrend. However, if the current price continues to trade sideways, uncertainty and risk to the downside may become apparent.

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gold precious metal prices
Source: TD Ameritrade

Like gold, silver markets retraced and formed a swing low near $26/oz. This came after prices broke through their December 2023 high in Q1. With prices retracing from their newly formed swing high, current price action is now within range. This continues to create uncertainty and possible downside risk for investors and traders. The market will likely continue sideways with uncertainty until prices find traction.

silver prices, May 2024
Source: TD Ameritrade

Platinum prices pushed further above their long-term resistance zone at 1020/oz. Current price action shows platinum creating a new swing high above its current April peak, which demonstrates that bullish momentum continues to build. As platinum prices continue to rise, traders and investors may remain cautious of any retracement or possible rejection.

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Platinum prices, May 2024
Source: TD Ameritrade

Unlike other precious metals, palladium markets failed to show any signs of displacement or strong manipulation to the upside. The current trend is still within a sideways market, as the index has yet to break the March 24 high. Meanwhile, price action would need to continue up and form higher highs and lows to establish a direction. As of now, current markets for palladium are uncertain and unclear in terms of market bias.

Palladium prices, May 2024
Source: TD Ameritrade

Global Precious Metals: Noteworthy Price Shifts

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  • Palladium bar prices fell by 6.91%, which left prices at $929 per ounce.
  • Platinum bar prices moved sideways, rising by just 2.75% to $933 per ounce.
  • Silver ingot prices rose by 6.01%, leaving left prices at $26.44 per ounce.
  • Lastly, gold bullion prices moved sideways, rising by just 2.47%. This brought prices to $2,288.20 per ounce
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