Best of 2019: The year in trade, from Boeing to U.S. China talks

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Continuing our look back at some of the most-viewed posts of the year on MetalMiner, today we’ll take a look at some of the most popular trade-centric posts of the year.
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We have already reviewed the top steel, aluminum and copper posts of the year.
Below are the top 10 most-viewed trade-centric posts here on MetalMiner this year:

  1. Copper MMI: How a Boeing Trade Case Could Cause Global Copper Prices to Skyrocket, Give Wieland Metals a Guaranteed Monopoly

  2. Aluminum MMI Falls as LME Prices at Whim of Trade Uncertainty

  3. This Morning in Metals: Trump Says U.S., China to Restart Trade Talks

  4. This Morning in Metals: Copper Price Falls Ahead of New U.S.-China Trade Talks

  5. U.S.-E.U. Trade Talks Show Promise Over Auto Tariffs Issue

  6. USTR Releases Annual Trade Policy Agenda as China Talks Continue

  7. Will China’s Next Trade War Tactic be to Leverage Rare Earths Dominance?

  8. A new trade war opens up with Brazil, Argentina over steel, aluminum

  9. This Morning in Metals: ‘Significant Work’ Remains in U.S.-China Trade Talks

  10. Trade Court Rejects Legal Challenge Aimed at Undoing President’s Section 232 Powers

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