Best of 2019: The year in copper, including price fluctuations, AI and Chilean production

Continuing our look back at some of the most-viewed posts of the year on MetalMiner, today we’ll take a look at some of the most popular copper-centric posts of the year.
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We have already reviewed the top steel and aluminum posts of the year.
Below are the top 10 most-viewed copper-centric posts here on MetalMiner this year:

  1. Copper Prices Forecast to Weaken Further Amid Gloomy Chinese Demand Picture

  2. Copper MMI: How a Boeing Trade Case Could Cause Global Copper Prices to Skyrocket, Give Wieland Metals a Guaranteed Monopoly

  3. ICSG: Global copper market in deficit by 330K tons

  4. Copper MMI: Global Supply Deficit Outweighed by Macroeconomic Uncertainty

  5. Copper MMI: Prices Edge Up As Global Demand Growth Outpaces Supply Growth

  6. Copper MMI: After a Seven-Week Rally, Copper Prices May Have Lost Steam

  7. This Morning in Metals: Copper Price Makes Gains

  8. Freeport-McMorRan Uses AI to Optimize Production at Arizona Copper Mine

  9. Copper MMI Drops as Chilean Production Reaches Historic High

  10. This Morning in Metals: LME Copper Prices Fall

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