Anyone trading extensively (or even in a limited fashion but for key components) with Russia is no doubt anxiously watching developments in Ukraine and the almost-daily ramping up of tensions on both sides, with threats of sanctions countering military posturing. Reuters reports that both the ruble and Russian stocks are down sharply on Thursday and […]


Continued from Part One. Across Europe, figures understandably vary. Whereas Germany and France’s jobless rates held steady at 5.7 percent and 10 percent, respectively, Spain’s hit 23.6 percent in February, up from 23.3 percent in January and Greece’s was at 21 percent in December — since then, the authorities have been unable or unwilling to […]


Outside of Europe, the Netherlands is often overlooked in the debt crisis debate and analysis, largely because it lacks the GDP of other core countries — $780 billion as compared to Germany’s $3.28 trillion and France’s $2.56 trillion. (Even Spain at $1.41 trillion and Italy at $2.01 trillion are considerably larger.) But the Netherlands is also overlooked […]

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