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China Reacts Strongly to WTO’s Ruling of Trump Administration Metal Duties

China Reacts Strongly to WTO’s Ruling of Trump Administration Metal Duties AdobeStock_268243605.jpeg

In the latest US steel news, a WTO ruling has sparked a new war of words between the United States and China. Last weekend, the WTO finally ruled on the 25% taxes on global steel imports and 10% import tariffs on aluminum imposed under former US President Donald Trump. The WTO dispute settlement panel ruled […]

UK steel tariffs hit imports from Russia

The U.K. government has imposed a 35% import tariff on iron and steel from Russia and Belarus as part of denying the two countries Most Favored Nation tariff for hundreds of their exports. The MetalMiner team will discuss the impacts of the Russian invasion in greater detail during its webinar session scheduled for Wednesday, March […]

This Morning in Metals: GM to invest $51M in Indiana aluminum die casting foundry

This morning in metals news: General Motors will invest $51 million to install equipment at its Bedford, Indiana aluminum casting die foundry; nickel prices have gained this past month; and, lastly, the U.K. trade minister reportedly told the U.S. they could consider expanding tariffs on U.S. goods if the U.S. does not remove the Section […]

Inflation and tariffs — what’s the connection?

Inflation is currently a hot topic on Wall Street and in Washington. For many, it’s a much more immediate issue than other major issues, like the impact of climate change. A recent Financial Times post in the paper’s Trade Secrets newsletter posed a somewhat controversial but not inappropriate question: could removing tariffs be the answer […]

US, Japan to initiate talks on Section 232 steel, aluminum tariffs

The United States and Japan have agreed to initiate talks regarding the former’s Section 232 tariffs on Japanese steel and aluminum imports, Reuters reported this week. According to a report by AP, Japan’s industry ministry said Japan’s Industry Minister Koichi Hagiuda and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo attended the meeting. However, a ministry official said […]

The steel market in both the United States and Europe continues to experience supply constraints

The steel market is running two diverging narratives. In the U.S., the market remains extremely tight. Mill lead times are out to the end of this year. Furthermore, prices are set to stay high into 2022. The situation is not dissimilar in Europe. In Europe, the steel market is seeing a similar post-pandemic bounceback, supply […]

How will Biden administration impact US-India trade relations, metals tariffs?

It is too early to talk of the direction US-India relations will take under US President Joe Biden’s administration. But Indian trade circles are keeping a close eye on trade-related developments with a hopeful eye. Hopes for better US-India relations Much of the hope for better US-India relations focuses on the desire that the US […]

This Morning in Metals: U.S. steel imports rise in December

This morning in metals news: U.S. steel imports in December picked up compared with the previous month; President Joe Biden’s nomination for secretary of commerce, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, faced her Senate confirmation hearing yesterday; and the E.U.’s ambassador to the United States called on Biden to reach a resolution on aluminum tariffs and […]

This Morning in Metals: U.S. import prices up 0.9% in December

This morning in metals news: U.S. import prices rose in December; the Aluminum Association commented on potential changes to the Section 232 aluminum tariff program; and November steel shipments dropped by 11.9%. U.S. import prices gain by 0.9% in December U.S. import prices jumped by 0.9% in December, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Furthermore, […]

U.K.’s electric vehicle supply chain needs an electrifying jolt

Automotive producers the world over are facing challenges, but the U.K. automotive industry is arguably in the most challenging environment of all. Become part of the MetalMiner LinkedIn group and stay connected to trends we’re watching and interesting metal facts. U.K. automotive sector faces headwinds Over the last year, COVID-19 restrictions have closed showrooms. Furthermore, […]

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