This Morning in Metals: ‘Clean Sheet Project’ targets production of recyclable automotive sheet metals

This morning in metals news: a $2 million project seeks to develop ways to more cost-effectively produce lightweight automotive sheet metals; meanwhile, U.S. Steel joined the global nonprofit ResponsibleSteel™; and the copper price has picked back up over the last week.
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‘Clean Sheet Project’ aims to improve production of recyclable automotive sheet metals

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A $2 million project at the University of Michigan dubbed the Clean Sheet Project is looking to improve processes behind the production of recyclable, lightweight automotive sheet metals.
According to a release from the Michigan Engineer News Center, the project is a “key effort as major car manufacturers look to lightweight light-duty trucks and shift away from internal combustion engines toward electric cars which require more lightweight components to increase vehicle range.”
The research will initially focus on steel and aluminum, the report states, but could eventually expand to other materials.

U.S. Steel joins ResonsibleSteel™ nonprofit

U.S. Steel said it is the first North American steel producer to join the global nonprofit ResponsibleSteel™.
On its website, the nonprofit says its mission is to “maximise steel’s contribution to a sustainable society.”
“ResponsibleSteel is an important part of U. S. Steel’s ESG commitments and the 2050 carbon neutrality goal that we just announced,” U. S. Steel President and CEO David B. Burritt. “By joining ResponsibleSteel we are demonstrating our intent to take our efforts beyond goals and actually deliver profitable solutions for our stakeholders and the planet.”

Copper price heats up

Earlier this week, MetalMiner’s Stuart Burns weighed in on the future of the copper price. Banks have offered differing opinion, ranging from the bullish Goldman Sachs to the less bullish JP Morgan.
This past week, however, the copper price has heated up.
After trading roughly between $8,800-$9,000 per metric ton in March and the first two weeks of April, the price has since surged. LME three-month copper is up 3.98% over the last month, closing Thursday at $9,448 per metric ton.
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