Video: Carbon Steel 2022: What types of steel contracts to set up and when to execute them

Rising steel prices have sounded like a broken record. As we get closer to 2022, will we ever see them peak?

Increased steel capacity will certainly play a role as 2021 comes to an end. But don’t take our word for it — just yet. Join VP, Business Solutions Don Hauser and Nichole Bastin, Forecast Analyst, for their insights during the September monthly webinar. Don and Nichole will walk through 2022 buying strategies and discuss the impact of new capacity on steel prices.

With more than a decade of experience negotiating over $300 million of annual global steel purchases at John Deere, Don surely knows a thing or two about steel.

Join us for the 30-minute webinar on Thursday, September 30th, when Nichole and Don talk through steel prices, capacity and much more.

Attendees will walk away with:

  • Steel market outlook – with an emphasis on bottlenecks and the impact of fixed contract buyers that are stockpiling steel inventory
  • Ideas as to what types of contracting mechanisms could work for 2022
  • Specific buying guidance as to when to execute a contract for 2022
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