Conflict Minerals Compliance Program

Our Conflict Minerals Compliance Kits are low-cost, easy-to-implement compliance programs for OEMs, suppliers to OEMs and supply chain professionals who are in various stages of conflict minerals program development. With step-by-step instructions, each kit serves as a supplement to existing efforts and creates a “second opinion” with a project plan for the user.
[st_tab title=”CMCheckPoint℠”]CMCheckPoint℠ is a unique conformance/strategy assessment tool – NOT a Reasonable Country Of Origin Inquiry (RCOI)/Due Diligence data collection tracking tool or a supplier engagement system. The full version offered has been updated to incorporate the SEC’s May 30, 2013 FAQs and a detailed table of contents of the Federal Register publication of the final rule.[/st_tab]
[st_tab title=”Who Should Use”]CMCheckPoint℠ is ideal for OEMs, suppliers to OEMs, supply chain professionals and others who:

  • Have just begun to consider their strategy and program scope
  • Have already initiated their conflict minerals program development or implementation
  • Need high-level guidance on current programs
  • Want deep-dive reviews of specific program elements
  • Have internal conflict minerals expertise and/or teams with knowledge of the SEC regulation and OECD Due Diligence framework

[st_tab title=”The Expert”]Lawrence Heim, Director of the Elm Consulting Group International, LLC, an independent environmental, health, and safety consulting practice, created CMCheckPoint℠. Mr. Heim has more than 28 years of experience in regulatory compliance and environmental/sustainability management, helping clients from a wide range of industries. Mr. Heim is the firm’s lead on conflict minerals programs and auditing and has been involved in conflict minerals projects since summer 2010, when he conducted the first tantalum smelter audits under the EICC-GeSI Conflict Free Smelter program. He was the only representative of the EHS consulting/auditing sector selected by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an expert panelist in the Conflict Minerals Roundtable convened in 2011 to assist the SEC in developing the final regulation. He is a frequent contributor to the media on the topic (including the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times), has made numerous public presentations/educational programs on the topic, including in venues sponsored by MetalMiner, the American Bar Association, The Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, IPC (a leading electronics industry association), ITRI (the world’s largest tin industry association) and The Auditing Roundtable. He also chairs The Auditing Roundtable Conflict Minerals Interest Group, which is developing audit guidance for non-CPA CMR auditors under the GAO Government Auditing Standards.[/st_tab]
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