Don Hauser joins MetalMiner commercial team from John Deere

MetalMiner is excited to announce longtime industry professional Don Hauser has joined MetalMiner’s commercial team this week after more than a decade at John Deere.
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Hauser brings a wealth of industry experience to the MetalMiner team, having worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, including as: quality engineer at BOMAG; production supervisor at Toyota; innovation engineer at Ingersoll Rand; and cost management specialist, then global supply base manager, at John Deere.
“We feel incredibly lucky to have someone of Don’s caliber join our team,” said Lisa Reisman, CEO of parent company Azul Partners and co-founder of MetalMiner. “His deep steel knowledge buying for one of the world’s largest companies, his instant credibility with MetalMiner customers having ‘been there done that’ and his experience with devising data-driven steel buying strategies that beat the market and reduce volatility make him a one-of-a-kind asset to our team. Don will also play a key role in driving enhancements to the MetalMiner Insights Platform and showing our clients how market intelligence is the key to better sourcing.”
Outside of work, Hauser says he enjoys hanging out with his two children (ages 11 and 13), listening to music, and buying and selling investment property (read more about him in the question-and-answer interview below).

“I’ve been a client of MetalMiner for some time and have always appreciated the methodologies behind their metals pricing forecasting and benchmarking services,” Hauser said. “It’s clearly a company in search of better ways to buy. Lisa (Reisman) is an industry veteran with an uncanny ability to grasp challenges and communicate solutions. It’s a team I wanted to join to lend my hands-on experience and help drive further metals market intelligence product and services innovations.”
Hauser has also served two years spent as a police officer and eight years as an Army reservist.

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Get to know Hauser in the Q&A below:

A Q&A with Don Hauser

MetalMiner: What attracted you to MetalMiner?
Don Hauser: The people. I think Lisa (Reisman) is very sharp, with an ability to think fast and communicate solutions. I spent some time with Marcos (Marcos Briones Álvarez, MetalMiner’s procurement forecasting data analyst) and was equally impressed in a different, more technical way.
MetalMiner: Which aspects of the job fascinate you the most? 
Hauser: The opportunity to help other businesses develop new ways of thinking and implement more effective strategies.
MetalMiner: Where do you think MetalMiner’s opportunity lies and how will your skills impact it?
Hauser: The opportunity is in combining the platform with consulting services to build sustainable strategies. My problem-solving skills coupled with an ability to effectively communicate ideas, is a great fit to demonstrate the value of the platform to implement strategies.
MetalMiner: On a more personal note, how did you fall into industrial metals buying and supply chain management?
Hauser: Funny story. I had a friend that took a job in steel, then another job opened up in his group. He told me it was the greatest job ever and he helped me get the job.
Afterwards, he laughed and said it was the worst job he’s ever had, but he needed someone to talk to.
He was right.
I spent the next eight years learning the steel industry, the players, and the economic drivers so I could make the job better.
After that, I enjoyed it and all the people I’ve worked with over the years.
MetalMiner: What is life like outside of MetalMiner?
Hauser: Most nights are spent hanging out with my kids playing games (both legitimate and made-up games).
I enjoy cooking on the weekends and drinking Scotch. I’m a fan of cars, old and new.

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