Video: How to Set Your Metal Purchasing Strategy in Volatile Markets

Between part shortages, disrupted supply chains, and uncertain demand, metal buyers are seeing more price volatility than ever before. Securing material at the right price should be a top priority!

MetalMiner works with manufacturing organizations across all industries to help them buy as strategically as possible, to avoid paying too much when prices rise (or not receiving cost reductions as markets fall).

In this webinar, MetalMiner’s Lisa Reisman (global metals expert) and Don Hauser (former global steel buyer at John Deere) share:

  • Why current forecast methodologies often result in buying organizations upside down on their metal purchases
  • Why having a forecast and industrial buying strategy is so critical when prices are all over the place
  • How to decide which strategy to use based on current market conditions
  • 3 steps you can take right now to prepare for inevitable volatility
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