Crowdsourcing Campaign Yields Name for GM’s New eBikes

General Motors’ new eBike brand has a name.
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On the heels of a crowdsourcing campaign launched in November, GM announced late last week that its new electronic bike brand will be dubbed ARĪV.
The bikes were available for preorder starting Feb. 14. According to a GM release, the eBikes will be launching first in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands due to “the popularity of lithium-ion battery-powered eBikes in those markets.”
The eBikes will begin being shipped to customers starting in the second quarter of this year.

Meld and Merge

GM’s new eBikes come in two models: a Meld compact bike and a Merge folding bike.
When it comes to electrified transportation, everyone wants to know about range.
“The battery was validated to rigorous safety standards similar to GM’s electric vehicles batteries,” the release states. “Riders can charge their ARĪV eBike’s battery in approximately 3.5 hours and receive up to 64 kilometers of ride time on a single charge.
“The ARĪV Merge and Meld come standard with safety components such as integrated, rechargeable front and rear LED safety lights for increased visibility and oversized brake rotors to increase stopping power.”
The bikes can reach speeds of up to 25 kph, the release states, powered by “four levels of pedal-assisted power.”

Features and Cost

Other features include an app, connectable via Bluetooth, which provides data like speed, distance and remaining battery level, among other pieces of information. The eBikes also come with a mount for smartphones and a built-in USB port for on-the-go charging purposes.
So, what will interested consumers be forking over to acquire one of these bikes?
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Per the release, in Germany the Meld is going for €2,750, while the Merge will come in at €3,350. Meanwhile, in Belgium and the Netherlands, the Meld and Merge bikes will cost €2,800 and €3,400, respectively.

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