This Morning in Metals: Researchers release findings on organic molecules, machinability

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This morning in metals news: Purdue University researchers have released findings about the impact of organic molecules on machinability; Glencore made an operational update; and the WTI crude oil price ticked up this week.
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Purdue University releases findings on organic molecules’ role in machinability

Purdue University researchers released findings on the effect of organic molecules on metal surfaces, particularly in terms of the ease of cutting metals.
“The researchers previously showed that the application of a permanent marker or Sharpie, glue or adhesive film made it easier to cut metals such as aluminum, stainless steels, nickel, copper and tantalum for industrial applications,” Purdue University said in a release.
Researchers from Purdue University, Japan’s Osaka University and the Indian Institute of Science collaborated on the research.
As Purdue notes, improving the machinability of metals or alloys can mean lower costs of production. Furthermore, augmented machinability can also lead to better performance or development of new product designs, Purdue noted.
The team’s findings are published in Science Advances.

Glencore announces update on integration of projects

Miner Glencore, Yamana Gold and Goldcorp last year entered an agreement to integrate the Agua Rica and Alumbrera copper mines in Argentina.
Glencore noted the integrated project will henceforth be known as the MARA Project.
In addition, Glencore said the project will create “significant synergies.” Alumbrera’s existing infrastructure will process ore from the future open pit mine at Agua Rica.
“Glencore looks forward to working with its partners to help MARA achieve its potential for the benefit of all stakeholders,” Glencore said in a release.

WTI crude oil ticks up

Lastly, per the Energy Information Administration, the WTI crude oil price closed Thursday at $48.36 per barrel.
The price moved up by $1.58 per barrel from the previous week.
The oil price has showed upward momentum of late. However, the WTI price remained down $12.57 per barrel from the previous year.
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