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Why did LME aluminum prices break $2,000 per metric ton? Why have nickel price rises (and our stainless steel price index) suddenly ground to a halt? And why the heck should you be watching the US dollar closely?

Those questions – and many more – are all handily answered in one place, the Monthly MMI Report for August 2014.

We've gone through our 10 metals price indexes for metals groups and industry sectors, and pulled out the metal trends that matter for industrial metal purchasing organizations and other buyers.

Metal Price Trends Trivia Night

It's August, and admittedly some metals sectors seem to have succumbed to the dog days of summer. However, our Monthly MMI Report is rife with explanations of underlying fundamentals to price movements, including these great bits of trivia (interesting, we hope, especially to metals purchasers):

  • How much will total North American light vehicle aluminum consumption increase by 2015?
  • How much less expensive is aluminum cable over copper cable of comparable capacity these days?
  • What are the 3 main factors that led to a decline in domestic grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) prices, according to Elise Woolfort, VP of Supply Management at ABB, the largest US domestic GOES buyer?

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The monthly GOES MMI® registered a value of 235 in March, a decrease of 0.8 percent from 237 in February – subsequently making the chart’s trend-line appear like a child’s rendering of a seagull soaring above the Jersey Shore. GOES surcharges slipped slightly from the previous month, as did other stainless steel surcharges. Import volumes were […]

The monthly GOES MMI® shot up 42 points moving from 195 to 237 – an increase of 21.5 percent – largely on the back of rising import prices. But whether that increase really has much to do with demand remains uncertain. It likely has more to do with comparatively low domestic producer pricing during Q4 and imports of […]

Despite rapidly deteriorating US grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) surcharges, as well as still-falling HRC prices, many would expect the MetalMiner monthly GOES index reading to decline — but instead, it climbed 10.5 percent, moving from 228 back up to 252 (at or near August 2012 levels). Just last month, MetalMiner reported that buyers here in […]


On the weekly Renewables MMI®, the silicon price rose 1.6 percent to finish as the week’s biggest mover. Chinese cobalt cathodes prices held steady from the previous week, and neodymium and Chinese steel plate both did not move last week. Japanese, Korean and Chinese steel plate prices all held pat as well, while the price […]


The monthly Renewables MMI® registered a value of 70 in October, a decrease of 5.4 percent from 74 in September. The monthly renewables index fell as a result of declining GOES (grain-oriented electrical steel) prices, silicon, neodymium and US steel plate prices. Ironically, global plate prices from China, Japan and Korea all increased. US plate […]


Neodymium’s 9.2 percent decline made it this week’s biggest mover on the weekly Renewables MMI®. The price of US grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) dropped 12 percent this month, confirming many market-watchers’ forecasts. With a 3.1 percent climb, Chinese steel plate claimed the week’s second-largest move. Chinese cobalt cathodes saw its price rise 1.3 percent over the […]


After drifting 4.2 percent, Chinese steel plate won out as the biggest mover on the weekly Renewables MMI® this week. The price of silicon dropped 2.1 percent this week, closing out the third consecutive week of falling prices. Chinese cobalt cathodes fell 0.9 percent over the past week as well. Neodymium prices remained unchanged for […]


US steel plate dropped 0.5 percent on the Renewables MMI®, making it the week’s biggest mover on the index. US grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES), also part of the Renewables MMI®, updates monthly during the last calendar week of the month on the MetalMiner IndX℠. Closing above $960 per metric ton, Korean steel plate remained unchanged […]


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