A May Review: Metals Prices Show Less Volatility After Wobbly April

After the instability in the industrial metals complex in April, May closed with an overall increase in metal prices.
However, the increases are, in general, less sharp and less volatile than last month.
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Aluminum, Copper and Nickel

The three main metals have seen slight increases in prices.
The LME aluminum price pace seems to have slowed down after the deadline for U.S. sanctions on  Russian aluminum companies moved to Oct. 23. However, aluminum prices could remain supported given the current turmoil.

Source: MetalMiner analysis of FastMarkets

Zinc and Lead

Meanwhile, the close brothers zinc and lead seem to have gotten into a little disagreement.
Zinc prices fell slightly in May. However, lead prices increased at the beginning of the month. The increase comes after lead prices fell to support levels, the buying dip MetalMiner recommended buying organizations take advantage of. Buying organizations following the Monthly Metal Outlook had the opportunity to lock in lower prices then.

Source: MetalMiner analysis of FastMarkets

The lead price’s upward trend seems strong, as buying volume supports the increase. Therefore, buying organizations can expect lead prices to move higher.
Zinc buyers may want to follow zinc movements closely this month, too.
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Steel Prices Continue to Rise
Steel prices remain at more than seven-year highs. Steel prices continued the slight increase in May.
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