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UK Hopes to Get Ahead of Rare Earths Supply Problem

UK Hopes to Get Ahead of Rare Earths Supply Problem Screen-Shot-2022-08-16-at-2.58.56-PM

By: Sohrab Darabshaw Rare earths have seen a surge in demand all around the world. After all, these minerals are key components of everything from solar panels to electric car batteries to defense equipment. And with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine disrupting much of the supply chain, the need for rare earths has become even more […]

China Creates New Centralized Company to Tackle Global Iron Ore Market

China Creates New Centralized Company to Tackle Global Iron Ore Market Screen-Shot-2022-08-16-at-3.02.28-PM

It’s no secret that China believes in the concentration of power. However, that philosophy extends far beyond governance. It also dramatically affects the way the country does business. For instance, earlier this week, we saw the inauguration of the state-owned and centrally administered China Mineral Resources Group. Many mining companies perceive the move as China […]

Coal Imports: The World is Re-Embracing Coal (For Now)

Coal Imports: The World is Re-Embracing Coal (For Now) Screen-Shot-2022-08-16-at-3.07.45-PM

Despite the best efforts to the contrary, short-term global reliance on coal has only increased. The main reason is, of course, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Indeed, energy is getting harder and harder to come by, and most countries are falling back on reliable – if dirty – sources. How will this affect coal imports and […]

Europe Faces Major Gas Shortage Crisis Due to Nord Stream Shutdown

Europe Faces Major Gas Shortage Crisis Due to Nord Stream Shutdown Screen-Shot-2022-08-16-at-3.08.57-PM

Germany, or rather, the entire continent of Europe, faces an extreme gas shortage this winter if the Nord Stream 1 pipeline does not come back online soon. The controversial pipeline carries gas from Russia to Europe by way of Germany. It was shut down for annual maintenance on July 11. Meanwhile, European underground storage sites […]

China Steel Mills Hurting, Iron Ore Prices Reeling

2022 has been a roller coaster ride for iron ore prices, which dipped yet again on Monday. Of course, demand from Chinese steel remains the top reason for either a rise or downturn in prices. This week, as it turns out, was no different. In fact, prices tumbled immediately after analysts explained their “bleak outlook” […]

Rare Earths MMI: US and China Feud Over Rare Earth Prices

Over the past month in, the Rare Earths MMI (Metal Miner Index) slightly dropped by 0.64%.Over the past few decades, the US-China relationship has evolved into more of a rivalry than anything else. This has left the United States eager to decouple from China on several critical issues. One such issue is the supply of […]

Solar Panel Tariffs on China Halted, Causing Astonishment

For US President Joe Biden, it’s a Hobson’s choice on Chinese solar panel imports. His new move to pause tariffs on imported Chinese-made silicone solar panels for two years has been either hailed or criticized. The announcement came in the middle of an on-going investigation by the US Commerce Department. Possible trade agreement violations are […]

Lithium Prices Surge Amid a Global Rush for Supply

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions, the race is on around the world to find new sources of lithium. The prospect of running out of the rare element is a worst-case scenario for many countries. After all, it is a crucial component in the lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. As EV […]

Iron Ore Prices Show Gains in China, but Is This a Temporary Rebound?

It’s still touch-and-go for the steel sector in China despite the sprouting of the first shoots of a possible manufacturing recovery. However, last Monday, benchmark iron ore prices in the country gained a surprising 7%. This is the biggest daily rise in two-and-a-half months. Is it a sign that we should be more optimistic, or […]

Steel: To Tax or Not to (carbon) Tax

Global public opinion seems divided on whether or not to impose a “carbon tax” on the metal and mining sector. This goes double for steel. Depending on which side you’re listening to at a given moment, you’ll get very different opinions on the matter. Many economists, environmentalists, and the general public welcome the idea. The […]

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